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I own a Red 1994, 6 speed TT MKIV Supra imported from Japan which I bought in New Zealand during February 1998. I first 'discovered' the Supra through a Wheels magazine article (now on this site) about the 12 fastest cars in Australia. The Supra won me over at that moment with its great looks, superb handling and awesome passing acceleration. From 100 to 130 km/h it was a full half second quicker then the next fastest car in that top 12.

I am the Webmaster for this Supra website.

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Race Results: Getrag 6 speed

    Powercruise 55, Offstreet Drags - 1st

    Powerfest Taupo 2010, Offstreet Drags - 1st

    Powercruise 21, 6 Cylinder Dyno - 1st

    Powercruise 21, Offstreet Drags - 1st

    • NSDW (Night Speed Drag Wars) 2010-2011 summer series - 2nd place C2 (2WD turbo) class
    • NSDW (Night Speed Drag Wars) 2007-2008 series - 2nd place C2 (2WD turbo) class
    • 4&Rotary NZ Import Drag Racing Championship Series 2007 - 1st place C2 (2WD turbo) class
    • NSDW (Night Speed Drag Wars) 2006\2007 series - 1st place C2 (2WD turbo) class
    • NSDW (Night Speed Drag Wars) 2005-2006 series - 2nd place C2 (2WD turbo) class
    • NSDW (Night Speed Drag Wars) 2004-2005 series - 1st place C2 (2WD turbo) class
    • NSDW (Night Speed Drag Wars) 2003-2004 series - 1st place C2 (2WD turbo) class
    • NSDW (Night Speed Drag Wars) 2001-2002 series - 3rd place C2 (2WD turbo) class

    Best Performance: Getrag 6 speed

    • Taupo racetrack - 45.38 secs on 6th December 1998 (old track)
    • Pukekohe racetrack - 1m 9.83 secs on 16th May 1999
    • Meremere dragstrip - Best 60ft time is 1.554 sec on 23rd March February 2007
    • Meremere dragstrip - Best 1/8 mile ET is 7.042 @ 102.71 mph (165.30 km/h) on 31st January 2010
    • Meremere dragstrip - Best 1/8 mile MPH is 106.68 mph (171.69 km/h) on 8th April 2011
    • Meremere dragstrip - Best 1/4 mile ET 10.949 @ 129.79 mph (208.88 km/h) on 7th November 2008 (60ft = 1.697 sec)
    • Meremere dragstrip - Best 1/4 mile MPH is 129.85 mph (208.98 km/h) on 29th April 2007

    Race Results: TH400

      Powercruise 39, Off Street Drags - 3rd

      Best Performance: TH400

      • Meremere dragstrip - Best 1/8 mile ET is 6.826 @ 105.99 mph (170.6 km/h) on 6th January 2013
      • Meremere dragstrip - Best 1/8 mile MPH is 107.54 mph (173.07 km/h) on 20th November 2013
      • Meremere dragstrip - Best 60ft time is 1.742 sec on 6th January 2013

      Magazine Articles:

        NZPC Magazine #159 - Veteran Warrior

        NZPC May 2008 - Accidentially Quick

        NZPC Magazine #159 - Power Play

        Brute Force

        Dave at Torque Performance on the North Shore dyno'd my car on their Dyno Torque dyno on 16th April 2013 and I got 568rwkw (762whp) at 27 psi boost on E85 fuel.

        Engine Bay Modifications:

        • Precision 6870 turbo, AR 0.96
        • SPA cast exhaust manifold
        • Turbosmart 45mm external wastegate
        • Crower 272 inlet and exhaust cams (10.5 exhaust, 10.3 inlet), exhaust 4 deg adv, intake 3 deg adv
        • Brian Crower (93-98) MKIV Supra Valve Springs and Retainers - 2JZGTE - Single Spring
        • Race head porting and port matching to manifolds
        • Brian Crower 1mm oversize valves
        • Brian Crower rods with ARP 625 rod bolts
        • CP 86.5mm forged pistons with factory crank
        • 600mm x 300mm x 120mm non-brand name intercooler
        • Twin Link 3 channel ignitors
        • Kenne Bell Boost-A-Spark set at 30% gain
        • Twin 14" electric fans with 60mm thick custom aluminium radiator
        • Turbosmart 50mm raceport BOV
        • Custom intake manifold with 80mm throttle body
        • Huge K & N Pod filter
        • Custom cold air box

        Fuel and ECU Modifications:

        • Link Thunder ECU tuned by Dave at Torque Performance
        • XSpurt 2200cc injectors
        • Zeitronix ethanol content analyzer and display
        • GM Ethanol sensor (old style)
        • Titan Motorsports fuel rail
        • Weldon A2040-120 fuel pressure regulator
        • Twin factory feed lines from the fuel hanger, single factory return line
        • Removed the factory fuel pressure pulsation damper
        • Twin Walbro E85 400L fuel pumps installed in tank pumping E85 fuel. Second pump turns on at 15psi boost
        • Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump currently set at 0% gain until larger turbo installed.
        • Adjustable launch control and anti-lag buttons in driver side of cabin

        Other Modifications:

        • ACT XTreme +50% pressure plate with vacuum hydraulic clutch (to reduce pedal pressure)
        • Running a 4.0" downpipe and midpipe to 3.5" mandrel exhaust system with two large AdrenalinR mufflers making it reasonably quiet
        • TRD LSD with 3.538 big 220mm diff (from UK spec TT auto)
        • Half size battery
        • Custom strengthened 3.0" driveshaft
        • Volks racing wheels (17" x 9.5" rear, 17" x 8" front)
        • Kuhmo Ecsta Supra 712 tyres (285/40-17 rear, 255/40-17 front)
        • Mid 1995 on factory BIG Supra brakes (awesome)
        • Whiteline "handling pack" with 30mm front (+50%) and 20mm rear (+30%) swaybars with polyurethane front bushes
        • Factory Bilstein shocks revalved at the front +50%, Tein HA shocks set to hardest setting at the rear
        • TRD engine bay strut brace
        • Fire extinguisher bolted to front of drivers seat

        Previous Modifications (now obsolete):

        • Compound turbo setup
        • TH400 trans and coolers
        • Apexi (AP Engineering) PowerFC ECU with 8500rpm limit running up to 26 psi on 98 octane fuel with Nulon Octane Boost
        • TRD clutch plate with factory flywheel
        • Factory Bilstein shocks revalved - front +50%, rear +30%
        • Garrett GT35R then Greddy T78 then Turbonetics T72 then Turbonetics T76
        • Greddy 180 km/h Speed Limit Remover
        • Greddy BBC (Boost Cut Controller) set to 4.35 volts
        • Upgraded US turbos to Garrett GT3540 with exhaust AR=0.83 and then to Greddy T78 turbo (AR=1.03)
        • 54mm external wastegate (adapted from the Jap exhaust bypass valve)
        • Upgraded stock turbos to USA turbos
        • Upgraded factory intercooler to a FMIC made up of 3 factory intercoolers welded end to end (600x275x125)
        • Upgraded Jap spec inlet cam to USA inlet cam
        • Upgraded factory fan to a single 14" electric fan
        • Upgraded to a 3.5" exhaust starting from 2 into 1 turbo manifold
        • Upgraded to a 3.5" in/out Borla oval muffler
        • Upgraded factory 16" wheels to Factory 17" wheels
        • Black 52mm boost gauge (psi) in clock location
        • Tweeked boost using a manual bleeder for up to 20 psi boost.
        • Fuelmate Fuel Controller (now uninstalled)

        Pics as at 31st August 2003.

        Pics as at 17th September 2001.

        The two silver Supras belong to Justin (left) and Andrew (center) while mine is the Red Mkiv Supra.

        Below are older pics from 1998 to 1999 era.

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