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So as not to confuse all you Supraholics out there, there are a number of mistakes in this Zoom article regarding std Supra specs. I will mention those in comments at the bottom of each page.

There are actually 3 main types of mkiv Supra and they are the GZ, RZ (also RZ-S) and SZ (also SZ-R). The GZ is the luxury TT version (auto or 6 speed), the RZ is the std TT version (auto or 6 speed) and the RZ-S is the basic TT version. The SZ is the std NA version (auto or 5 speed) and the SZ-R is the higher spec NA version (5 speed or 6 speed). See my specs page for details.

Little top end power from std turbos in this case is around a max of 500bhp (approx 290kw at wheels) when suplemented with appropriate upgrades to other items such as fuel injectors and intercooler, electric fan, export spec inlet cam, 3" exhaust system, etc.

Never, never, never put extra injectors anywhere in the inlet pipes. The only safe way to get more fueling is to increase the size of the injectors (std is 430cc). In Sam's case, 750cc injectors would be the correct sizing to safely handle up to 750bhp.

The TRD 6 speed is a special item (not listed in catelogues) that is not suitable for a modified mkiv Supra as its only able to safely handle around 400bhp. Sam has since reverted to the original Getrag 6 speed with specially made titanium gears to make for a virtually indestructable gearbox. The std Getrag gearbox can safely handle up to around 600bhp.

Std 1996 Supra brakes are 320mm front discs with 4 pot calipers. Rears are 323mm with 2 pot calipers.

Again, never use extra injectors to get extra fueling as the inlet manifold was never designed to flow fuel and cylinders #5 and #6 will run lean and probably destroy your engine.

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