Toyota Supra mkiv

UK Spec Supras in New Zealand

There are possibly only 4 UK Spec (European RHD models) Mkiv Supras in New Zealand as my searching has not revealed any other ones yet. They are all Silver and all turbo cars. These were sold by Toyota New Zealand from May 1994 until September 1996. The 6 speed turbo model and the automatic turbo model were both priced at NZ $165,000.

Here is a copy of the New Zealand Supra sales brochure, printed 18 March 1994.

Here is the Toyota New Zealand video advert at the time that shows one of the 6 speed Supras driving around New Zealand. Apparently Chris Amon took it round Mansfield race track as well.

I also have two magazine articles on the UK spec Supra done by Auto News in New Zealand.

Super Supra!

Silver Shark

The main difference between UK Spec Supras and Japanese spec Supras are:

  • Glass headlights
  • Headlight washers
  • Leather seats
  • Differential cooler
  • Bonnet scoop
  • 550cc injectors
  • Bigger cams
  • Higher flowing steel turbos
  • 320+ BHP

I have pics and details on these 4 UK Spec Supras. The first two are TT 6 speeds and the second two are TT Autos.

UK Spec Oct 1993 TT 6 speed. Registered in NZ in June 1995.

UK Spec Oct 1993 TT 6 speed. Registered in NZ in Dec 1993.

This is the Supra that Toyota brought in for the advertising brochure and video advert linked above.

UK Spec April 1994 TT Auto. Registered in NZ in June 1994.

UK Spec May 1995 TT Auto. Registered in NZ in June 1995.

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