Toyota Supra mkiv

Shane's Mkiv

Location - Melbourne, Australia
PIstons = OEM
Rods = OEM
T88-34D 22cm A/R (1000hp)
GReddy Manifold
GReddy Wastegate
HKS 300x600x87 Intercooler
Walbro GSS341 x 2 intank fuel pumps
Power Enterprise High Impedance 650cc injectors
AP Engineering Power FC
Veilside 3.5" cat back exhaust
GReddy 4" dump2" wastegate exhaust vented to air (screamer)
17" Work Mesiter 2 peice (17x8.5 front, 17x10 rear)
ORC Twin plate
Carbon fibre clutch (very very noisy, very easy to drive though).

The power is currently is 370rwkw, this is made on 20psi, previously it was set to just over 25psi and made 447rwkw, this was deemed unsafe seeing the fuel mixture was 12.5:1 !!, I plan on fitting the GM 3 bar map sensor I purchased a few weeks back, set my limit to around 410kw (550rwhp), and then get the sucker down the 1/4 as quick as possible. Hopefully the engine wont break or that will defeat the purpose of buying a Supra over a GTR... but hey, who wants to be another GTR owner? All work was carried out by Sumo Performance, special thanks to Dave, Anthony, Theo, Rim, and most importantly Shui for helping me out over the years.

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Last modified on Monday, November 28th, 2005