Toyota Supra mkiv

Robert's Mkiv

Location - Central North Island, New Zealand.

My Mkiv is a 1993 TT 6spd. Resprayed in yellow with a veilside style wing. Has AP racing brake front brake setup so I can stay on the track. I've only had it about 2 weeks and it seems fairly similar to my old 300zx performance-wise. I don't think the handling quite stacks up to the Nissan. The ride is really harsh as it has 18" rubber band tyres. Which I'm not looking forward to replacing!

As far as I know it is all stock except exhaust. 194.7kw @ Wheels and power drops off heaps after 5,500 or so. Apparently the guy with the Lambo had known the guy who used to own my car. He painted his replica the same colour after he saw how it looked. Now I can't wait to make actually make it go fast ... just need to do lots of saving first

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