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I own a originally Red june-1993 supra SZ which was bought by me when first imported into the Netherlands back in august 2009. Since my ownership the car has been undertaken a few major changes as for example the 2JZ-GE got exchanged for an 2JZ-GTE, also the 5-speed W58 got exchanged for an 6-speed V160 in combination with an B03B differential.

Small you tube video of my supra almost finished


Engine Specifications:

  • Stock 2JZ shortblock
  • SRD built head featuring the stage V port and polish on the intake and exhaust,
  • SRD 280 Cams 10,2mm lift
  • HKS adj series 2 cam gears
  • Brian Crower dual valve springs an TI retainers, including the srd valve pocket mods.
  • All tight down on the L19 headstuds
  • TRD engine mounts
  • Titan Motorsports / Ati dampener (crank pully)
  • SRD billet tensioner bracket
  • Aircon delete kit from SRD

Turbocharger & Induction:

  • Garrett GT4202R
  • Stock intake Manifold
  • SRD 5'' intake with 5 '' K&N air filter
  • HKS Racing BOV 2
  • SRD custom ic piping


  • HKS Type R 4'' intercooler
  • APR carbon fiber upper radiator slam panel

    Fuel, Tuning & ECU:

    • Syvecs S6
    • Including sensors like boost press, oil press, oil temp, coolant temp, lambda, egt, knock etc etc, all visual on the toucan display.
    • ASNU 1100cc injectors
    • NGK racing plugs
    • SRD top feed fuel rail kit
    • Twin walbro 485 in tank
    • Full alcohol capable fuel lines and fittings including flex fuel sensor and filters
    • Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator


    • Virtual Works Racing T4 tubular manifold
    • HKS 60 mm wastegate
    • 4'' SRD down pipe
    • 4''SRD mid pipe
    • 4'' HKS Titanium Racing Exhaust


    • V160 Getrag 6-speed
    • B03B differential
    • Carbonetic tripple carbon clutch

    Weight Reduction BWR (Basic Weight Reduction) & Transfer:

    • Removal of rear seat and all rear seatbelts/bolts
    • Removal of stock spare tire
    • Removal of stock jack
    • Replacement of stock air box with aftermarket intake assembly
    • Replacement of stock cats with aftermarket downpipe
    • Replacement of stock exhaust with aftermarket S/S or Ti exhaust
    • Replaced oem fan shroud for carbon version

    In addition to the basic weight reduction:

    • Removal of stock power antenna
    • Removal of factory charcoal canister
    • Replacement of stock steering wheel/airbag with aftermarket unit
    • Replacement of stock wheels with lighter aftermarket wheels
    • Removal of factory subwoofer enclosure and sub
    • Removal of stock stereo and amplifier (replaced with aftermarket head unit)
    • Removal of hatch wiper/assembly

    Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes:

    • OEM disks
    • UK-spec brakes all round 4/2 pot front/rear
    • Porterfield R4s brake pads
    • CCW wheels 18x10, fronts 17x11.5 rears
    • Toyo R888 all around 275/35/18 front 315/35/17 rears
    • CCW provided nuts
    • Tein Type-HR
    • (for drag use we have the ccw 16'' x 11J set with 28'' hoosier dragslicks (295 / 50)
    • HKS braided steel brake lines
    • Line lock

    Interior & ICE:

    • Alpine double din headunit + alpine sat nav
    • Tillett B7's full carbon racing seats 3.8 kg each
    • QSP six point harnesses
    • Personal steering wheel
    • Veilside 6 speed gearknob
    • Rear seats deleted and floor is covered with a custom made porsche carpet


    • Pre Facelift OEM hardtop body (040 white)
    • Facelift lightening all round
    • Center brake light deleted
    • Aerial deleted
    • De-wipered
    • Reflectors in rear quarterpanels deleted


    • Max power - 700 Hp
    • Max torque - 775 Nm
    • @1.8 bar 98octane

    In addition to the above modifications:

    • As it sits in street trim the cars weight is 1452 kilograms with 100% full fuel tank no driver in car.
    • Set up suffered from boost creep, boost was set at 1,8 bar, next step is twin wastegate set up and more rpm to make the most from this set up.
    • Our new engine is already build at SRD and is awaiting for install we not decided yet on the GT42 or GT45 or manifold to combine with
    • We will update as soon as our engine is up and running and give a full reading on the engine specs.
    • Oil we used for almost 5 years now on this engine is the Motul 300V 15W50 competition series.

    Some more pictures can be found here

    Build video at SRD

    Dyno comparison at same dyna pack with the new set up. (here you can see the boost is climbing we need more wastegate;-)

    Some half mile action

    Some more half mile action

    Me missus getting that 230+km/h runs at the half mile with 17'' rears

    In the 600-800 hp class we competed last year KOC we had this friendly pass with an turbo porsche who lost his indicator a few feet before finish :-)

    Some street fun

    Some more street fun

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