Toyota Supra mkiv

Joe's Mkiv

Location - Sydney, Australia
1996 RZ-S, 6 speed manual
18" ROH Modenas. 18x8.5" on the front, & 18x10.5" on the rearWheels (Tyres Front 235/40/18, Rear 285/30/18)
Whiteline "Works" suspension kit
TRD front strut brace
Cusco rear strut brace
Max-Air air-intake
DNA Motorsports FMIC & stainless-steel FMIC-pipe kit
12 fuel mod
Custom stainless-steel exhaust + high-flow cat from turbos back
RPS turbo single plate clutch with std flywheel
B&M Short-shifter (modified to stop the main shaft from snapping)
Momo steering wheel
300 kph speedo
Autometer Sport-Comp Series (Air/Fuel mixture meter, EGT, Boost/Vacuum, and Oil Pressure)
Knock-Link unit (supplied by Lindsay)
Boost/fuel-cut defencer (also supplied by Lindsay)
Blitz DSBC boost controller
HKS Type-1 Turbo-Timer
Speed-limit defencer
Racelogic Traction Control (inc launch control)
Driver & passenger side weather shields
Rear windscreen visor
Alarm + pager + immobiliser
Toyota Supra 1995+ big brakes with TRD rotors.
Stereo (8 Kenwood/Denon/JBL speakers, Clarion powered-subwoofer, Kenwood amp, head unit & CD-stacker)

Future mods:
A sunroof
Recaro SR-II seats
Original (Japanese) seatbelts
Mirror retract-switch for passenger-side rear-view mirror

Yep - if it's possible to fall in love with a piece of machinery, then I think it's happened ...

The Whiteline "Works" suspension kit

The turbos, disassembled from the rest of the head

Engine head (before being cleaned up)

Engine with head removed (again, before being cleaned up)

The Toyota top-end rebuild kit

Reassembled & cleaned up engine head

Engine block after being cleaned up

Old RPS TCC pressure-plate & clutch plate (pressure-plate side)

Old RPS TCC clutch plate (flywheel side) - nothing left on it except charcoal

Old flywheel (clutch side). Note the burn marks, and all of the deep gouge-marks caused by the old clutch-plate "machining" it

Old flywheel (engine side)

New ACT pressure-plate & street-clutch plate (pressure-plate side)

New ACT pressure-plate & street-clutch plate (engine side)

New flywheel (engine side)

New flywheel (clutch side)

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