Toyota Supra mkiv

Glen's Mkiv

Location - Australia
Year - 1994 RZ twin turbo
Drivetrain - 6 speed Manual

My car was imported with some well sort-after goodies: Original Veilside Kit+ side skirts (No wing, i love it that way) HKS Hiper-Damper Drag profile suspension, OS Giken Triple plate clutch (since changed to standard, and currently upgrading to a custom built item with a billet flywheel + FMIC) 17" Rims, 3" cat-back exhaust, Blitz EBC & various gauges. Now the car looked suspect as being a Drag machine, but the fact it has a standard engine really got me. On standard turbos, maybe 13 psi boost it pulled 190 RWKW (standard Intercooler).

From that time, I have done the TTC mod, and high-flow pump mod (something I highly recommend, makes pump work in constant 12V mode also pulled trac fuse (who hasnt), and removed Trac Restrictor plate.

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