Toyota Supra mkiv

Andrew's Mkiv

Silver 1993 RZ TT, 6 Speed, High flowed Japanese turbos (done in Japan), HKS air filter, Greddy speed cut, Greddy boost cut defender, Sard boost controller, titanium wheel nuts, polished aftermarket 17" wheels, Nova aftermarket suspension fitted in Japan, QFM race brake pads (0-750deg heat range), FMIC (by Herbert Fabrication), blow off valve, 4" exhaust system with 21/2" downpipe, running 17psi boost.

Dyno'd on 3rd Sept 2001 on Torque Performance dyno at 263 kw at the wheels on 17psi boost. Should be good for close to 300kw on 20-22psi boost with good fuel.

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Last modified on Thursday, Nov 8th, 2001