Toyota Supra mkiv

Suprafest 2004
Suprafest Dyno day at Bellars Motor Works, Feb 7th, 2004

Using a brand new Dyno Dynamics dyno, the guys at Bellars did an excellent job of the dyno day. Free food and soft drinks was a bonus as well. Graeme won the mkiv class with 388 rwkw, Cully won the mkiii class with 259 rwkw and Stu won the mkii class with 81 rwkw.


Graeme, T66 hybrid turbo, 388kw

Kevin, GT3540 turbo, 361kw

Justin, GT3540 turbo, 321kw

Robert, OEM twins, 239kw


Cully, 3L GT3035 Turbo, 259kw

Jason, 3L Turbo, 212kw

Rob, 3L Turbo, 190kw

Adrian, 2.5TT, 162kw

Suze, 3L Turbo, 148kw

Brenda, 3L Turbo, 142kw

Brett, 3L Turbo, 134kw

Al, 3L Turbo, 130kw

John S, 2.5TT, no reading due to misbehaving gearbox


Stu, 2.8GT 81kwture

John B, 2.0 Turbo 61kw


Allan, Aristo 2JZ-GTE, OEM twins, 219kw

Carl, 300ZX, 213kw

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