Toyota Supra mkiv

Suprafest 2004
Suprafest Drag meet at Mere Mere dragstrip, 6th Feb 2004

The weather held out with only a few spots of rain at lunchtime. Thanks to the weather the the drag day was a great success with a total of 44 vechicles competing. Of these, 17 were Supras and the rest were cars and bikes of various makes.

The mkiv trophy was won by Kevin Boyd with a best run of 12.14.

The mkiii class was won John Shannon with a best run of 13.65.

The mkii class was won by Hamish McLeod with a best run of 15.97.

The fastest Supra of the day was won by Kevin Boyd with a run of 12.14 @193 km/h.

Suprafest Feb 6th, 2004
Supra drag details
Race No Name Engine Fastest Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Run 7 Run 8
2 Kevin Boyd2JZ-GTE12.1412.8812.8313.4214.3012.14
1 Justin Weir2JZ-GTE12.7012.7013.2713.7413.3013.41
11John Shannon1JZ-GTE13.6513.8614.1013.8913.7813.7313.6513.81
10Cully Paterson7M-GTE13.7814.5614.4215.4414.3414.0013.8613.7813.98
27Robert Marson2JZ-GTE13.8014.7214.6114.2413.8013.9313.87
31Farook Ketan2JZ-GTE13.8414.9213.8414.08
13Jason Tomlins7M-GTE14.1314.5314.6614.6014.3414.3914.13
30Hunt Moorhouse1G-GTE14.3514.4914.5214.3514.43
92Suze Walsh7M-GTE14.7315.0515.2515.0815.0514.7315.26
15Greg Hant7M-GTE15.0516.5816.8016.3516.3016.1715.9415.05
18Brenda Walsh7M-GTE15.3715.5015.5415.37
12Lawrence Lal7M-GTE15.4816.3816.3915.9116.1116.0715.48
17Steven Ingham1G-GTE15.6015.6016.1516.1017.0815.77
20Glenn Dickson2JZ-GE15.8716.0616.1717.6516.9516.3215.87
16Hamish McLeod5M-GE15.9716.3516.2716.1916.2415.9716.17
29Allan Lorenza5M-GE16.1716.9216.1716.5516.3616.33
3 Stuart Cameron5M-GE17.6617.9818.1317.9917.66

Suprafest Feb 6th, 2004
Non-Supra drag details
Race No Name Vechicle Fastest Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Run 7 Run 8
64Grant WrightSuzuki GSXR 100010.9710.9713.2611.3212.65
46Stuart WoolfordHonda CBR 60011.5811.5815.4211.7812.0011.83
74James MorrisHonda Integra11.6411.6415.39
56Gary ThorburnHonda Civic13.2015.6614.9114.3913.9613.6813.6214.0013.20
76Aaron WongFord Fairmont13.2914.1713.7313.2913.3313.48
47Stuart WoolfordHonda CBR 60013.5013.50
55Brydon HicksonMitsi Evo 213.6013.9813.8613.6013.6914.11
65Jonathon BennettHonda Integra13.6513.9514.7815.2213.7413.6813.6513.7622.66
75Jason ThomasMitsi VR413.8414.0513.8414.1714.04
70Ravinesh KumarNissan Pulsar14.1614.1614.5214.26
68Blake GloynToyota Soarer14.3714.3715.5414.6914.4814.71
53Ben HawesMitsi Starion14.4414.4414.6214.66
54Steven O'BrianToyota Cressida14.6119.8414.9915.6014.9014.6114.63
73Federico HerreraToyota Trueno14.6914.8716.0514.7814.6914.8915.21
62Phil JosephsWilco Sprint 714.8315.1715.4414.8324.26
63Allan SmithToyota Aristo14.9014.9016.0015.6916.01
66Amber McLeodEssex Tudor15.0115.5815.1615.5815.0115.2715.37
52Daniel NotleyMitsi Starion15.2415.8316.4116.1915.2415.51
67RogerFord XR815.2815.4515.6715.6315.8915.8715.2815.59
57Kalem PakiNissan 300ZX15.8217.3618.1016.3716.2215.8216.6716.09
71SumithNissan 300ZX16.0216.0716.0217.2716.5116.5217.17
61Stuart WarnerHonda Civic16.1518.2316.1617.8116.1516.9016.19
69Brendon PaulgerNissan Primera16.4216.5916.4216.4916.4516.58
59Mike CallendarMaxda Lantis16.7216.7217.6317.2017.0416.9617.13
58Kurt MullerChrysler Valiant16.9917.8017.6617.5317.7216.9917.8917.16
60Hans RoukemenBMW 735i17.2417.9617.24
51Sharan RasToyota Celica18.5018.6418.50

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