Toyota Supra mkiv

Second NZ Mkiv Group Meeting 20th February 2000

It was a very sunny hot Sunday morning when I dragged myself out of bed to get to the meeting point by 11am. The meeting point was set for the Clear Communications carpark, which is pretty empty on a Sunday morning. I turned up first and looking around the carpark, thought this would be a great carpark for a gymkhana. There were plenty of corners, some long runs and a roundabout as well, ideal for a gymkhana. The only danger points were the kerbs and the new trees they have planted.

Only 5 cars turned up as there was alot of other activities in Auckland that day including racing at Pukekohe and the first race of the Americas Cup. As you may know New Zealand has retained the Americas Cup winning the first 5 races to have a record of 10 straight wins from the last two Americas Cup challenges, and are the first country outside the USA to successfully defend the Americas Cup.

The cars above from left to right were John's (Dark Red Turbo mkiii auto), Graham's (Silver mkiv Twin Turbo 6 speed) , Brad's (Red mkiv NA 5 speed), Kevin's (Red mkiv Twin Turbo 6 speed) and Stuart's (White Turbo mkiii auto).

We all came to a concensus of driving up the coast for about 15 miles to Orewa, a small seaside settlement to grab some lunch. We took the coast road as it has alot more corners then the new main highway to Orewa.

We grabbed some food from one of the local hot bread shops and cruised a couple of more miles up the coast to a reserve area called Wendleholm.

Here we parked the cars and went down to the beach to have lunch and chat about Supra's and the pending Americas Cup racing. We stayed for a couple of hours and then cruised back to Auckland. I lost contact with the group at this point (something to do with the heavy right foot methinks) as we were all quite keen to see the last part of the first Americas Cup race.

For the next meeting I think we need to do somthing a bit more exciting, so I am keen for ideas. Possibilities I can think of are go-carting, having a run (not racing) around Pukekohe racetrack for those who would like to see how well there car can perform without the boys in blue intervening.

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