Toyota Supra mkiv

Fourth Aussie Supra Meeting
28th April 2001

The day started with all the supras meeting at Tuggerah at 10:30 am on Saturday the 28th of April. All the owners met each other while many on lookers slowed down to view the unbelievable site of all the Supras together. We then all cruised to Johns house at a very scenic location where we discussed various things such as future cruises, and had some food and drinks (scones were excellent). As the High Performance Imports magazine photographers did not show, they told us to take pictures ourselves to send them into them so after Johns house we set out to do that.

We cruised to what is called the Haven at Terrigal beach and all drove onto the oval where the pictures were taken. If we had charged a onlookers fee we would be rich... Many people stopped to look but I guess it was hard not to. We then took individual photos of the cars for the magazine (and us) and all the owners got to know each other a bit better. All was going smoothly until some yobbos turned up on their bucks party and started kicking soccer balls around the car and tried to hit on the girls present, and added comments such as "Toyota shit, I own a Ferrari that would kick your ass!" so we decided to leave.

We then cruised through Avoca beach and decided to go to a secluded spot for a high power take off video. We set off again and to my suprise (trac off) I ended up seeing both gutters head on before I starightened up (too much power!). We proceded to an industrial estate at Kanwal for our take off video in which we all lined up and did big launches. After the video was finished we all went our separate ways satisfied after attending a great day.

Jason owns the grey TT, Nabil the balck, Tony the blue, me (Scott) the silver TT, John the NA (no individual pic), I think the guys name is Joe who owns the red one, Andrew own the MR2, Tim owns the Silvia.

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Last modified on Friday, January 26th, 2001