Toyota Supra mkiv

Second Aussie Supra Meeting
10th June 2000

Lookout north of Stanwell Tops (northern suburbs of Wollongong), where we stopped for a bit after coming out of the national park. Cars are (from left to right) Ken's auto, Joe's (many thanks for the pics and commentary again), the Cl80 ring-in, Tony's, Tim's and Stanley's.

Leaving the above-mentioned lookout, and on the way to Wollongong.

Confusion at some farmer's house at Bowral that I thought was Briars Inn. We did eventually find Briars - it was the house with the big sign out the front that had "Briars Inn" written on it.

Lunch at Briars. The cast of thousands is (clockwise from left) John's mate (the owner of the Cl80SX - forgot his name), John (not on the list but on the US list), Ken, Scotty (friend of mine), Roxanne (Scotty's missus), Stanley's missus, Stanley, and Tony.

And again (from left), Stanley, Tony & Tim (not on the list, but I am hassling him).

Tim's big-single (originally a TT).

Tony's baltic blue TT .

My TT about 2/3 of the way through it's repair.

The 3OOkph speedo & HKS SLD that had been sitting on my desk for over a year.

Bad shot of my interior - flash lighting's a bit harsh.

My air horns.

My exhaust. One 3-and-a-bit inch pipe from the turbos into a high-flow cat, into a huge muffler. The welds you can see on the piping are from where we tried out 4 different mufflers & combinations of mufflers & hot-dogs over a period of 4 days before settling on the final setup. The outer tip from the stock exhaust has been welded onto the new muffler, so that unless you get close up you can't tell that it isn't stock until you hear it.

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