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There are a few mistakes in this article so make sure you read my notes in between the pics.

NOTE: Dead stock 2JZ-GTE engines produce 165 rwkw (autos) to 175rwkw (manuals).

NOTE: Stage 1 is good for up to 265rwkw on stock Jap internals.

NOTE: The std ceramic turbine wheels are actually very strong and will handle 18psi and 250rwkw quite easily on good octane fuel.

NOTE: The USA turbos are actually smaller then the Jap turbos, but have better flow characteristcs which result in them flowing around 15% more air then the Jap turbos.

NOTE: You cannot use USA turbos in the Jap turbo housings as the shafts and wheels are smaller and they will not fit. However steel CT20a (the larger size as there are two sizes) turbo wheels/shafts can be used as stronger replacements.

NOTE: You can still easily run the std ECU at this stage. My Supra runs 360rwkw @ 22psi with the std ECU and NO fuel or ignition controllers using a Garrett GT35/40.

NOTE: The USA 550cc injectors can flow 360rwkw @ 12.2 A/F ratio using two Supra fuel pumps at std fuel pressures.

NOTE: The factory RPM limit is actually 7000rpm, but I think they meant to say the factory internals are good for 8000rpm, which they probably are.

NOTE: The std inlet plenum chamber is good for 500rwkw and only needs to be considered for upgrading when going to the 600rwkw level.

NOTE: Its not the torsens diff center that is weak, it is the crown wheel that breaks first. Over 430rwkw and lots of drag racing abuse will do it to the small diff, which is in all the auto TT's and the post 1995 6 speeds. The TRD clutch style LSD will not help with that at all, as it just replaces the torsen LSD and the crown wheel and pinion are still factory. The early 6 speed diff is much bigger and stronger and good for around 600rwkw.

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Last modified on Thursday, April 15th, 2004