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When Factory isn't Fast enough

Some people are never satisfied. Take Max Beck. He thought his privately imported twin turbo Supra should go harder than Toyota would let it. So he contacted Terry Wilson's AVO Turboworld.

So AVO fabricated a new 3" stainless steel exhaust system and fitted a larger intercooler, which is sprayed with water when maximum boost is unplugged. The original so-smooth sequential twin-turbo system was changed so both blowers (fitted with larger turbines) act in unison. Attention to the boost controller and fuel system enabled maximum boost to be more than doubled. Toyota claims 243kw, reverse the numbers order and you'd probably be closer to the new output.

Last year, no one at Lang Lang was more impressed than Peter Brock at the sheer potency of the new Supra. He ran the black beast out to an easy 247km/h before the electronic limiter imposed it's will. But for that, Brocky was sure the Supra had a lot more to come. Owner Max Beck thought so too, and vowed to return...

Suddenly it's fastest '96 and we've got deja vu, Lang Lang style. The Supra's back, blacker'n hell and meaner than ever. Not satisfied with 247 kays, 0-100 clicks in 5.1 secs and 400m in 13.3 secs, Max has enlisted Terry Wilson's AVO Turboworld outfit to lift the Supra's game (see above). To keep the Supra's excellent chassis dynamics harmonious with the turbomotor, the stock shocks have been replaced by Gabriel adjustables and the footprint increased with 9x18 front and 10x18 rear wheels, wearing 235/40 and 265/35 RXO Falkens.

Pushing 250-plus in the high lane, the Supracar is a booming black blur. At such speeds, turbos generally whoosh by with the exhaust note playing second fiddle to the windrush, but this bugger bellows like a Spitfire on a low fly past. Sounds different, for sure, and fair makes the hair on the back of the neck stand to attention.

Even so, regardless of what your ears are sensing, your eyes tell you the black beast isn't going quite as quick as it sounds. It sidles back to the staging area after passes of 249 and 254km/h.

KB: "Jeez, this thing's got some stick. But it's also got an over-speed limiter. I didn't get a really good run at the laser. First time around, it caught me unawares. On the second lap, I judged it a bit better, but still hit the limiter 20m before the end of the speed trap."

"Brother, there's a lot of boost and plenty of mumbo. It was indicating 270 kays and felt like it wanted to go way past that, because it was still accelerating like a bloody rocket. The suspension and chassis felt really good. The faster you go, the better it sits. At 240-250 indicated, she's a bit jiggly, but over 255 it settles really nicely and sits solid. A seriously fast car."

Max Beck calls the AVO lads to come take a look at disabling the speed limiter. Not possible. KB makes a few more hot laps and lifts the top number to 259km/h. AVO's Terry Wilson says they could find their way round the limiter given time, lack of testing is the problem.

Through the Supra's top speed perhaps still leaves a bit to be desired, its acceleration doesn't. From standing start the turbo Toyota just grips and goes like a hairy doorslammer at the drags. It's clearly among the quickest over the 400m. Max you've got yourself a real hot ticket here. And this Supra is no slouch in the gears either, as quickest third gear time of 1.9 secs from 100-130km/h attests.

Standing Start 0-60km/h 0-100km/h 0-160km/h 100-130km/h 400m at km/h
Ferrari F40 ? 4.2 7.6 2.0 est 11.7 @ 204.0
Lamboghini Diablo VT ? 4.6 9.1 2.1 est 12.3 @ 191.7
AVO Supra 2.5 4.3 9.1 1.9 12.3 @ 191.0
Porsche 911 Turbo 2.4 4.7 10.9 2.0 est 13.0 @ 174.8
TVR Griffith 2.7 5.4 12.2 2.5 est 13.5 @ 169.0

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Last modified on Monday, April 24, 2000