Toyota Supra mkiv

Star Spangled Supra
Yes, we love these Veilside guys and you can see why ...

This wild-as Veilside Supra mightn't be the most rapid Japanese supercar on the block, but it sure as hell looks the part ... resident show pony Ketzel Sterling goes along for a pose.

Starbuck liked his ship. It was a fast ship. In fact it was one of the fastest ships in the galaxy. When he floored the throttle it would hit warp 9 in a flash and did the 0-400 parsec run in 12.3 nanoseconds. Starbuck loved to modify his ship. He first purchased it as a standard Corillion XP3 Fighter. Many a day was spent modifying his little baby and it soon transformed into an animal quick enough to see off all would-be competitors.

But all stories don't have happy endings, which leads me to a recent incident. See, Starbuck was out cruising the Saturn rings when out of the corner of his eye he saw a bright blue object flash past. Intrigued, he gave chase. The blue flash appeared to be another ship and it was heading for the nearest space gas station. Well Starbuck gave it full throttle and passed the gleaming ship and pulled into the space gas station first. A crowd of people swarmed around Starbuck's highly modified ship as they always did, for he was the high king; the big enchilada.

But all of the sudden there was commotion. People began to run, they crushed helpless people in their maddened panic. Seconds later Starbuck was all now alone. He walked towards the crowd to see what had happened. A fight, maybe a murder? Wrong. There in the midst of a massive crowd of stunned onlookers was the coolest, meanest, sexiest ship Starbuck had ever laid eyes on. Gleaming iridescent blue like a shining beacon. Starbuck knew then that he was no longer the top dog, but the Weiner Schnitzel. He turned to the girl standing next to him. "My ship's faster than his, I just beat him seconds ago!" Starbuck pleaded. "Who cares, it doesn't look like that ", she said.

The Real World ...

Life is like that. Inside you may be the greatest person alive but if you have the head of a chicken, no one really wants to know you. That brings me to Suksun's metal-flake blue Toyota Supra. As you can tell from the pictures this is one amazing looking vehicle. This car really does stop traffic. Now us Auckland folk have all seen Veilside Supras before, but not like this one. They look good in black, red etc ... but the paint job on Suksun's Veilside is the absolute bomb. To start with it's a radical colour. But as you get closer you notice the wild sparks of reflective blue chips. They remind me of a rave chick's eye make-up, all bright and colourful with little sparkly bits. The paint job is the work of Mark and Graham at Auto Pro Panel & Paint.

After you take in the paint (which takes a while) you notice the still awesome Veilside body kit. Then the 18' chromed Enkei Enzo wheels with massive rubber. If you like the wheels, too bad. The importer is not bringing any more in. Why you ask? Too expensive. Try $13,000 smackaroos. Ouch. Basically this would have to be one of the top looking cars in Auckland. Suksun only had it for a week and half and the world had told me about it. Parked on Stanley Street it caused traffic delays, and when the blue Lamborghini Diablo from a few issues back drove past nobody seemed to even notice. When people check your car out over a Lambo, I think you've got a winner.

The go

So how does it go? Well let's just say Starbuck could beat it in backwards. To start with, being an automatic you lose a bit, and the fact it's a non-turbo doesn't help either. However Suksun had Mike at C&M Performance install a 90hp NOS kit bringing the horsepower back up to turbo 'sort of' numbers. But it's a heavy car so 300hp ain't like 300hp in a series I RX-7. Suksun has run quarters around the 16 second mark which isn't too shabby for an auto. With the changes he's making soon, 13s should be a breeze. Handling and braking are fantastic, as with all Supras but Suksun's is better yet, thanks to a 3" drop on Eibach springs and fully adjustable Konis all round. Suksun didn't just work the exterior, he gave the interior a go as well. A Momo Tornado wheel, Recaro SR2 seats, Trust four-point harness, gold and silver dash and a dirty big Apexi tacho were all added to spice the interior up. It works because it feels very Manga video in there (with the sexy naked cartoon chicks? - Ed).

The verdict

Well, what do you say? Suksun has created one of the best looking cars in the country, and is on the way to making it one of the fastest. How does a 500+hp fully Trust - modified engine sound? Tasty. I'll take one please, waiter, with a side order of giggle gas. Can't wait to give it a go when the new engine goes in. Still ... there are lots of fast cars around but not many that look this good.

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Last modified on Friday, June 23rd, 2000