Toyota Supra mkiv
Kevin's FMIC Upgrade

Kevin's FMIC Upgrade

HP Increase:

Here is the dyno graph showing the before and after results of the FMIC upgrade. It was a bit disappointing being only 7kw (at 19psi boost) above my pre FMIC dyno run. However, it was running in parallel turbo mode (ie. not sequential) and the mid range torque dip suggests it got some wheelspin at that point which may have reduced the maximum power acheived. Other mods to do shortly are the USA inlet cam (more duration and lift), colder plugs and the USA 550cc injectors. The AF ratio was 11.8 (very good) but the 430cc injectors were measured running at 100% meaning that they were delivering the maximum fuel they are capable of. Its also not good to run injectors at 100% for too long as they can overheat.

Factory Intercooler:

Here are two pic's of the factory Supra mkiv intercooler. It measures H=270mm * W=125mm * L=220mm for a volume of 7,425cm3. The intake side has an area of 337.5cm2. The first pic is the view looking from the front of the car and the second pic is the view looking from the rear of the car.

The new FMIC:

The new intercooler core (3 std mkiv intercoolers tig welded end to end) is H=270mm * W=125mm * L=660mm for a volume of 22,275cm3, an increase in intercooler volume of 300%. Thsi should result in an ability to cool 640bhp of air at the same efficiency the std intercooler, cools 320bhp of air.

Intercooler Pipes:

The std intercooler pipes which are shown first, have a minimum internal diameter of 52mm. The new ones using 65mm copper pipe have a minimum internal diameter of 63mm enabling much better air flow.

Dismantling the mkiv:

Here's a pic of the dismanted front end before the FMIC was installed.

FMIC Installation:

Here's some pics of the installation of the FMIC.

The final result:

Here's a pic of the final result of the FMIC installation, which came out a bit dark.

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