Toyota Supra mkiv
Lindsay's FMIC Upgrade

Lindsay's FMIC Upgrade

HP Increase:

The new rwhp acheived of 423.7hp @ 5205rpm is an increase of 67hp over that before the installation of the FMIC, lagged cold air induction system and lagged enlarged intercooler pipes. This Japanese TT 6 speed also has the USA spec inlet cam, the USA 550cc injectors, cooler plugs and an electric fan. All these components work together to achieve these dyno figures.

The dyno used is manufactured by DynoPak and measures rwhp in PS (Japanese hp rating - PS is within 1% of hp so lets treat it as such) by directly bolting on to the rear wheel hubs. This allows for a very accurate rwhp reading as there is no hp loss from tyre slip and no hp loss from friction generated by the rotating tyre itself. Because of the elimination of these hp losses from the rwhp results, one needs to be able to compare the dynopak dyno to the other common dyno types.

To calculate the approximate flywheel hp, multiply the rwhp by the following numbers for each dyno type:

  • New Zealand DynoPak - 1.20 (2wd manual), 1.23 (2wd auto), 1.33 (4wd manual), 1.40 (4wd auto)
  • Australian\UK DynoDynamics - 1.30 (2wd manual), 1.35 (2wd auto), 1.50 (4wd manual), 1.60 (4wd auto)
  • USA DynoJet - 1.17 (2wd manual) 1.20 (2wd auto)
This means that Lindsay's 423.7rwhp (2wd manual so multiply by 1.20) run should equate to 508hp at the flywheel.

Factory Intercooler:

Here is a pic of the factory Supra mkiv intercooler. It measures H=270mm * W=125mm * L=220mm for a volume of 7,425cm3. The intake side has an area of 337.5cm2. The stock intercooler flows 251cfm at 20 inch's of H20 pressure (9.82psi) and 305cfm at 28 inch's of H20 pressure (13.75psi).

The new FMIC:

The new intercooler core (pics below) is H=300mm * W=70mm * L=600mm for a volume of 12,600cm3, an increase of 69.7%. The intake side has an area of 210cm3, which is only 62.2% of the std Supra intercooler. This gives you the idea that the std intercooler is designed for very high airflow rates, albiet at lower efficiency due to its short length of 22cm.

Spark Plug:

The std spark plug after 3000km of driving running the 550cc injectors still shows a nice light tan color indicating that it is running correct air:fuel mixtures during normal driving. It will be running rich at full boost conditions but these usually only occur for a few percent of your total driving mileage.

Dismantling the mkiv:

Here's some pics of the dismanted front end before the FMIC was installed.

FMIC Installation:

Here's some pics of the installation of the FMIC.

The final result:

Here's some pics of the final result of the FMIC installation.

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