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Is a 700hp Supra a reasonable substitude for a Magnum 45? That depends on what the punk next to you is driving. If its anything less powerful then an even more powerful GT-R then yes, this Supra should make a mess of them, Dirty Harry style.

C-West, located in Hyogoken, Japan, are well known for their Westin' body styling kits, but their workshop also builds cars from start to finish. This 1994 Supra is just one example of what they can do to an unsuspecting car if you turn your back for too long.

The bodykit is certainly comprehensive for the Supra. Starting at the front the standard bar is fitted with larger brake ducts and a dramatic lower lip. The headlights have 'eyelids' and the intercooler is left exposed. Chunky side skirts build out the side air intakes and front guards, with pods on the rear bar to match. An unusual feature is the air scoop on the roof, which is reminiscent of a McLaren Fl or one of many Le Mans cars. This doesn't actually duct air into the cabin but rather diffuses it over the hatch window, where there is a small spoiler arrangement.

Anything but small is the extra-wide wing, supported by an elaborate carbon-fibre mount. The big black wing looks even wider than the car, but that's just a trick of perspective. The moulded twin-post support has adjustable bolts for altering the angle of attack, which would result in some serious downforce with a wing this size.

Other exterior changes include the twin-leg rear vision mirrors, smoked tail light lenses and blackened Toyota badge on the tailgate. All other factory badges have been removed but plenty of vinyl stickers have taken their place. With the fat wheels and lowered stance, the car looks fast just standing still. How fast?

The claims of 700hp and a quarter-mile time of 11.5 seconds weren't backed up by any printouts or time slips, but we see no reason to doubt them. The 2JZ-GTE six has had its twin turbos replaced by a single Trust T78 on a Trust exhaust manifold with a Type R wastegate and blow-off valve. The exhaust dumps through a Mega system, while a long 100mm induction pipe carries a Gracer Airinx air filter, fed by a duct from the front spoiler. The intercooler pipe from the turbo goes around this to meet the ARC Racing intercooler mounted at the front. You can just see this through the main opening at the front of the car.

From the intercooler a polished pipe leads back into the factory ETCS throttle body, though the inlet manifold itself has been modified with six new injector bosses each carrying a 720cc/min injector. These injectors are 'hose' type, with braided lines and anodised fittings. A race-type adjustable fuel pressure regulator is mounted on the firewall just behind the manifold. Exposed adjustable cam pulleys turn Trust camshafts and of course the bottom-end features forged pistons and all the other trappings of a 700hp engine.

C-West make no mention of any changes to the 6-speed Toyota/Getrag gearbox, but the clutch is now an OS Giken triple-plate item and the differential has been upgraded with an ATS item. Braking has also been upgraded with Brembo callipers and large drilled discs at the front end, still using the factory ABS system. Bilstein shock absorbers and lowered springs have also been fitted, with a heavy-duty tower brace in the front.

Bracing duties in the rear are taken care of by the 7-point roll cage, which was custom-built by C-West. This and the two Recaro seats are bright red, contrasting vividly with the black dash and stripped out silver interior. Carpet has been kept in the front of the car, but the rear section is bare, revealing a large surge tank and many braided lines. The actual high pressure pump is mounted under the floor, with the original pump used to fill the surge tank.

In the cockpit the mandatory extra gauges are mounted in a custom panel that replaces the top glovebox/airbag space (depending on spec). Beneath these are an HKS boost controller and an HKS injector controller. The rest of the dash is normal except for an HKS turbo timer and two very traditional Alpine head units. Of course the steering wheel, pedals and gearknob have been replaced too.

If you are interested in the C-West bodykit used on this car, the best way to order is through their American agent (unless you speak Japanese). Contact the Neo Earth Corporation in California on 0011 1 562 809 3366 (phone or fax) or E-mail them at NEOEARTH@EXO.COM

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Last modified on Monday, April 24, 2000